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Purchasing Books Using Financial Aid

Book authorizations are automatically established for all students who have finalized financial aid awards, who are in "eligible" financial aid status according to Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy and who have federal financial aid in excess of at least $100 above tuition and fee costs. Students can go to any campus Bookstore to purchase books using My Tri-C Card.  Once a book account is established, students will be notified via their Tri-C emaiI. If you have full and part-of-term classes be sure to purchase all of your books at the beginning of the full-term session. To learn more about how to use BK Credit Line, go to Book Authorization-FAQ.

The available textbook amounts can be viewed from the Online Card Office website or from my Tri-C space, Tri-C Life page, and click on the Online Card Office link.  Choose the "My Account" tab to login and view your account information.  Book authorizations are listed under the "BV Credit Line".  The amount of the book authorization used will automatically be deducted from any financial aid refund.  Unused funds remaining on your card will be refunded according to the refund schedule. 

For questions about book authorizations, please check with the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Please click here for Book Authorization and refund dates.

Have questions about Financial Aid? Check out FINANCIAL AID TV, 24/7 online videos - about Financial Aid.

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