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Receiving Your Financial Aid

The first step should be to review your award information in my Tri-C space  Once you login, navigate to Paying for College, and under Financial Aid select View My Financial Aid Award.

Book authorizations are established for students who have finalized financial aid awards and who have federal financial aid in excess of tuition and fees.  You will receive an email indicating your book account is available for purchases.  Book authorizations amounts are added to the My Tri-C Card and can be then used to purchase books and supplies in the Bookstore. 

Financial aid applies to your student account on the 35th day of the full term and part of term sessions based on your enrollment.  For example, if you are enrolled for a total of 12 credits; 6 credits are full-term and 6 credits are session O, only half of your aid will disburse on the 35th day of the full-term.  The rest will disburse on the 35th day of the Session O class. 

Refunds are generated when the total payments (financial aid and student payments) are greater than the total charges (tuition, supplemental fees and other charges).  Direct Deposit usually occurs within one week after financial aid is applied to the student's account, and is recommended to expedite the refund process.  Paper refund checks take up to 14 days to be mailed after financial aid is applied to the student's account, and a credit balance occurs.  Refunds are mailed to the address on file with the Enrollment Center.  If you do not see a credit balance on your student account, there is nothing to refund at this time.  If you are waiting on a financial aid refund, see the Financial Assistance Dates for the refund schedule. 

Note: The financial aid applied date (when financial aid is applied to your Tri-C account), is the start of a process that may take up to 14 days.  Students are responsible for any balances once financial aid disburses.

Have questions about Financial Aid? Check out FINANCIAL AID TV, 24/7 online videos - about Financial Aid.


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