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Petition for Graduation

When you are prepared to graduate, you must complete a Petition to Graduate form available in my Tri-C space.

  1. Log in to My Tri-C Space.
  2. Choose Discover from the Main Menu in the upper left-hand corner, search Petition and click the Commencement Card. 
  3. Log in with your student ID and my Tri-C space password to complete the online form.

It is recommended that you meet with an academic counselor to review your status. You may also review your course completion by reviewing your Degree Works report each semester. Once you have petitioned to graduate, an audit will be completed to ensure they have completed all of the necessary classes required for the degree. 

Petition deadline: Friday, Oct. 29 (to guarantee your name is printed in the program)

Commencement is Thursday, December 16, 2021. The fall in-person ceremony will take place at the Wolstein Center at Cleveland State University. You must RSVP if you plan to walk in the Commencement ceremony. 

RSVP for Commencement

Be sure to check out the students page for a checklist of things to do before Commencement!


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