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Placement Tests

After a student is accepted to Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), placement testing is mandatory to determine the level of math and English courses approved for registration. 

Appointments are not necessary in the Testing Center, however sufficient time is required to complete testing during regular business hours. 

Items to bring with you to testing:
Photo Identification and proof of required placement test prep completion (English, ESL, CCP Math).

English Placement Test
Students must complete the online English test prep module prior to testing. Log in to my Tri-C Space, choose your Student option, scroll down and select English Placement Prep. Submit proof of completion when you arrive at a campus Testing Center to take your tests.

Math Placement Test (ALEKS)
Students are encouraged to complete an initial ALEKS assessment prior to visiting a campus Testing Center to take the ALEKS math placement test. Log in to my Tri-C Space, choose your Student option, scroll down and select Math Prep & Learn (ALEKS).

Exception: Students who have credits in Math or English transferred from a previous college are not required to take Tri-C's assessment test.

Placement test scores are available through the Assessment Center or online in my Tri-C space. 

  • Login to my Tri-C space
  • Click the Student page
  • Under the Academic Records, section choose "View Transcript (Unofficial)" to view scores.  


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