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Placement Tests

After a student has been accepted to Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), placement testing is mandatory to determine the level of math and English courses approved for registration.  An ACT score of 21 for math and 18 for English may be substituted for testing.  ACT scores will be accepted for placement within two years of testing date.  Official scores must be submitted to the Enrollment Center.

Exception: Students who have credits in Math or English transferred from a previous college are not required to take Tri-C's assessment test.

Students are required to complete one to two hours of test preparation and turn in a completed placement test preparation test guide before taking the placement tests at an Assessment Center

Appointments are not necessary in the Assessment Center, however sufficient time is required to complete testing. 

Items to bring with you to testing:

  • Photo Identification
  • Tri-C Student Identification Number

Placement test scores are available through the Assessment Center or online in my Tri-C space

  • Login to my Tri-C space
  • Click the Student page
  • Under the Academic Records section choose "View Transcript (Unofficial)" to view scores.  

Compass Remote Testing

The Assessment Centers offer remote testing for the ACT/COMPASS Placement Test.  This is primarily for Distance Learning students that are enrolling for eLearning course but do not reside locally.  Each center has its own pricing structure for this services.  Please contact the Testing Center to make arrangements.

Proctored Testing

Please contact the Assessment Center to schedule an appointment and testing form.  There is an applicable $25.00 testing fee.

For information regarding test proctoring services please contact the campus Assessment Center

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