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Grading Policy

You can review the grading policy in the Student Handbook:

  • A (Excellent- 4pts.)
  • B (Good- 3pts.)
  • C (Average- 2pts.)
  • D (Below Average- 1pt.)
  • F (Failure- 0 pts)
  • P (Pass- 0 pts)
  • NA (Never Attended)
  • NP (No Pass- 0 pts)
  • AU (Audit- 0 pts)
  •  I (Incomplete- 0 pts)
  • I/E: I (Include)
  • E (Exclude)
  • T (Transfer Credit)
  • USF (Military Physical Education Credit- 0 pts)
  • W (Withdrawal- 0 pts)
  • WF (Withdrawal Fail - 0 pts)

Courses in which the letter symbols S, U, P, NP or the action symbols AU, W, CBE, I, IP, *, T, ACE, AP, CLP or USAF are noted but are not included in the computation of a student's grade point average. 

Mid-term grades: S = Satisfactory;  U = Unsatisfactory

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