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Forwarding My Tri-C Email to another Email Account

1. Login to Office 365. Follow the instructions below for your browser.

Internet Explorer:

2. Click the settings icon (top right corner) > Options > Forward your email (shortcuts to other things you can do) >Forward your email.

3. On the bottom half of the new page (under "forwarding"), enter the email you want to forward your mail to.

4. Click "start forwarding".

All Other Browsers:

2. Click the Settings icon (top right corner) > Options > Organize email (on left).

3. Locate and click in the sentence "To learn how to forward your email to another mailbox using Inbox rules, click here." Follow the instructions to redirect or forward your email.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Customer Care Tech Support.

Your Tri-C email is the official and primary method of communication between you and the College.  Be sure to check it consistently for important messages regarding your registration, payment deadlines, your account/financial aid information and college updates/events.

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