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Repeating a Class

Students may repeat a course in which a grade of "B", "C", "D", "F", "P" or "NP" has been earned.  When an identical course is repeated, the highest grade will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average.  A word of caution:  "P" and "NP" courses are not counted toward grade point average calculations.

Credit for courses will be awarded only once in the semester in which the highest grade was awarded for the course, unless the course description specifically states that additional credit may be earned.

Students planning to transfer to another college or university are cautioned that the receiving institution may use ALL grades earned to compute a grade point average for admission purposes.  Also, since repeating a course may have an adverse effect on financial aid eligibility, students are urged to consult with the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships Office and a counselor before they repeat a course.

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